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a letter for Mr.Pumpkin

a letter for Mr.Pumpkin

Annyeong haseyo Sungmin Oppa… :D

Hmm,, May I Call you “Oppa”?…


I think you don’t know me,, but I Know u…

Lee Sungmin..

Member of Super Junior

Oppa.. May I introduce my self?…
You can call me dierenz,, that’s my nickname. I’m 89 Line…

Oppa.. I don’t have older brother,, so.. would be very nice if I can call you Oppa and being your younger sister… Yeodongsaeng,, kekekeke.. :D

Oppa.. Today is ur bornday right?…

I have prepared a birthday card for u…
Actually I really want to give it directly,, but.. I don’t have a power. So,, I choose to send it on perMINent, one of ur official fansite.

Sungmin Oppa… I Hope you can read birthday card from me… Dina Amalia from Indonesia… ^^


I want to tell my story,, will you listen to me?..

Oppa… I know you and other member start from 2009.

practically… I’m ELF junior… :)

From that day, I began to like Super Junior..

all member…

I’m looking for various information and news about Super Junior, I collect all the songs of SJ, watching various reality show such as FuLL House, Exploring human body, Idol Army, adonis camp, and etc.

Sungmin Oppa..

when I watch you showing your pink items,, i really interest with your statement. You said that “every person have a color that matches them well, for me..

I think matches me is the pink colour”.

Then Shindong Oppa said “He Probably bought them because he thinks pink is pretty in his eyes” Next,, you also said “I buy/collect pink things, they ask why are you like gay?.. because there are a lot of girls things. If you make the girly things in boy colors, it could look boyish, but because they make it look so girly, but if you see it like that, it could look like girls stuff. Like to me now, it does look very girly, but I wish it was a guy. Not only me but a lot of other people like pink too, its just that they can’t say it. Its because of their pride. Your like a pervert, cause they’re scared of words like that. Even if someone
likes it, they keep it in. So, I think they are hiding what they feel in their hearts.

Sungmin Oppa… I really really really like ur statement.. because I experienced it directly.

Do you know Oppa?.. I really love orange colour..

almost all of my belongings orange. I know that orange colour  is too bright and rarely people who like it color.
I tried to appear confident with the colors that I like. No matter what people say, I still loving orange.

Oppa.. I understand what ur mean. You want to tell everyone that they should dare to show their color right?…

First time I saw Super Junior, I can not even recognize you. I have difficulty in distinguishing between Lee Sungmin and Kim Ryewook. I think you two have similarities

I don’t know why?… suddenly my eyes fell to you.. a man born in 1986 which named Lee Sungmin.

I want to know u more. From the information I get, I’ve know ur nickname.

Sweet pumpkin, pinky boy, king of aegyo. Kyaaaa… I really like ur nickname. I ‘m happy when I know that your blood type same with me,, hahahaha..

Why I like you for so many reason?..

  • I Like you when you smiling

  • I Like when you laughing

  • I Like you when you being cuteness

  • I Like you when you singing

  • I Like you when you showing your concern to another member

  • I Like you when you taking care with your rommate,, kyuhyun Oppa…  Kyumin couple,, kekekeke… :D

  • I Like you when you doing stick matrial arts,, really fantastic.. amazing… I’m proud of your skill

  • I Like you when you look like child,, really cute…:D

  • I like you when you trying to show the best in every way you look

  • I Like when you showing your cool charms

  • I Like you when you talking to your father on chunji radio.

your father said “My son has sweet and soft heart. You are very considerate of others feelings as well. It seems to me that you have also passion for learning. Therefore, I found your weakness base on your passion.

You have too much passion for learning. Please,, make a priority to choose which one is first to learn. It is good for you to learn, but you can not learn everything. Please make a priority list. Another thing is that you are a liitle bit shy of strangers and cautious. You know Kim Hung Guk (The Old Korean impudent singer) Like him just ‘resist openly’.

Next Oppa said “Yes you’re right. I’m a little bit shy guy. Ah, you
are too much honest”.  Your father also said “You are a little bit quiet not like your look. I’m curious about your company, place and also time schedule. I’m wondering few things about you. I have all news about you from fans because you are so quite. Another thing is we all (including your mother and brother) feel the same way. It is hard to talk to you on the phone, but we know you are so busy. Sometimes, we do not have any answer from you about text messages we sent”. Then, Oppa said “No, that’s not true. If I got text messages, I send answers back right away”. Father Said “Oh, did you?” Sungmin Oppa said “Yes, you bought the cell phone for sungjin (sungmin brother) to celebrate his graduation. He has been texting me a lot since than. We send text messages each other and than we get rid of stress”. Father said”Oh, your text might be gone in the middle of way”. Sungmin Oppa said “Yes, it might be happened”.

From the discussion,,I can know that you grew up in a family filled with love, warmth. You have a father, mother and brother who support you.

That’s why you became a good-hearted young man. I’m really thrilled to listen a conversation between father and son like you and your father.

  • I Like you when you help your father company

You make a jingle for SendBill with involving another member SJ

  • I Like you when you playing piano, guitar and another instrument

  • I like you when you sleeps like a baby,, aww.. aww.. awww.. :D

  • I Like you when you cook at reality show adonis camp

  • I Like you when you become good daddy for the children

  • I Like you when you said that you wear a one piece when you sleep,, hahahaha.. It’s so funny.. LOL… :D

  • I Like you when you look like honey senpai, my favourite character on Ouran Manga

  • I Like you when you when you loves your pink bunny

  • I Iike your personality, your spirit of achievement, and your hard work

I like all things that exist in you. Your strengths and your weaknesses.

You never reveal your tears in front of others. You never cry when others member cry. You said that “when they cry, I should be able to hold back tears, but… when they laugh I also feel the happiness.

You are stronger than that seen.

Sungmin Oppa…
Since I know u,, I became comfortable spending my time in front of my personal computer to find out the latest news from you. I’m searching  official fansite of you and finally I join in perMINent.

I began to recognize ELF (Everlasting Friends) and VitaMINs too. I found a new family, very pleasant and happy interacting with them.  They are nice and friendly. We exchange information about Super Junior and of course  about you as our bias.

Sungmin Oppa..

Lately, I feel too much like you. Even, I ever imagine to become your wife. I feel jealous if I seeing women around you. I feel that you are my ideal type. Really crazy right?..

Sungmin Oppa…

What Should I do?..  -___-

I don’t want to be like this. I don’t want fantasize too high. Although I believe that God Almighty,, but  the probability too small right?..

until one day I realized..

You and me are different.

I’m muslim and you are christian.

I always feel that you can do everything well, but there are some things that you can not do because you are christian.

whereas… I wish my husband was a good Muslim. that makes me think back, can you be a muslim?.. Can you become muallaf?..

For now,, I Just wanna keep my heart for him,, for my husband later.

So,, starting today… I’ll try to like you naturally.
do not expect anything anymore. Because you and me have a lot of difference.

I promise.. I would still be VitaMINs for you. Just vitaMINs,, no more..

vitaMINs give u love, vitaMINs give u strength, and vitaMINs always give u support …

What love means?…

Are your palms sweaty, your heart beats faster, and the voice choked when are nearby?

That is not love, it’s Like.

Whether you can not take your eyes or hands of him?

That is not love, it’s Lust.

Do you want him when he was not there?

That is not love, it’s lonely.

Are you there because that’s what he wants?

That is not love, it’s Loyalty.

Did you receive the recognition his love because you do not want to hurt him?

That is not love, it’s poor.

Would you be there because he hug you or hold your hand?

That is not love, it’s Addiction.

Would you like to have it because his eyes make your heart beat faster?

That is not love, it’s Infatuation.

Do you forgive his mistake because you care about him?

That is not love, it’s Friendship.

Did you tell her every day that he is the only person who you think?

That is not love, it Lies.

Would you like to give all her favorite things?

That is not love, it’s generous attitude.

Are you interested in other people, but remained faithful to his side without ever regret?

Then it Love.

Did you receive any errors and shortcomings because that part of himself?

Then it Love.

Did you cry when he was sad even though he is strong?

Then it Love.

Are you willing to forgive him and stay with him when he hurt?

Then it Love.

Do you remain loyal no matter what happens, whether happy or miserable?

Then it Love.

Are you willing to give your heart, Your life episode for him?

Yes, that’s Love.

Now, gently pull your breath. And you close your eyes.

The image of who is first appeared? Most likely he was the person you Love

It was told as a child Husayn (grandson of the Prophet.) asked his father, Hadrat Ali ra: “Do you love God?” Ali ra said, “Yes. ” Then Hussain asked again: “Do you love grandfather from my mother?” Ali ra again replied, “Yes. ” Hussain said: “Do you love my mother?” Again, Ali replied, “Yes. ” Small Husain again asked: “Do you love me?” Ali replied, “Yes. ” Last Si Hussain is still plain that asked, “My father, how do you bring together so much love in your heart?” Then Hadrat Ali explains: “My son, great question! My love of your mother’s grandfather (the Prophet.), mother (Fatima ra) and to you alone is because the love of God. ” Because love is truly all the branches of love for Allah SWT. After hearing the answer from her father that Hussain be smiling understand:)


For you…
Sungmin Oppa…

wait until you meet someone you love. When you meet that woman,, confess your love like a man. Okeeyy.. :D

I will support you Oppa…

Your vitaMINs…

^^Dina Amalia^^


5 responses

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  2. ocii

    super duper nganga aku baca surat dr bunda buat panda….
    saking udah cintanya ma panda begitu banyak kata dan cinta yg dapat dideskrepsikan lewat kata2. #tsaaaah subhanallah bgt kata2 oci ya hihi :p
    umin akan tersentuhkah. aku aja org yg baca bukan sipenerima greeting card itu udah tersentuh gimana uminnn, pasti dia bangga punya vitaMIN kaya bunda dari sekian banya vitaMIN yg cinta jg ma panda. ckckckck…
    aku suka bagian yg cerita terakhir itu husein. huaaaaa.
    sumpah bunda itu buat begituan pasti ngalir bgt ya huhu… emang VITAMIN sejati nih sama kaya eonn eka. ckckck..
    sekali lagi selamat buat bunda yg bisa buat project ini bersama istri2 yg lain semoga hadiahnya berkesan bagi umin pandaaaa. 🙂

    December 26, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    • kkkkk~~ ociii.. kalo udah nyeritain tentang panda, kata-kata itu ngalir gitu aja… lancar kaya jalan tol, LOL xD
      vitaMIN sejati? *blushing* karena bunda buatnya dari hati dan semoga bisa menyentuh hati yang bacanya… 😀

      January 3, 2012 at 2:44 PM

  3. elf

    suratnya keren banget….

    December 27, 2011 at 9:48 AM

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