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(Orange Pumpkin Diary) It’s not your Fault


Minkuuu.. once again I say this is not your fault, but it’s my fault

Do you know?..

I feel tired with all these feelings

I still can not manage my heart

several months I feel lost myself

how I could understand you  if I did not get to know myself?

I felt myself unstable

sometimes… I  feel disappointed and mad at you…

sometimes.. I think that what I’m doing is in vain

sometimes.. I really hoping you…

sometimes.. I want to remove your name in my days..

sometimes.. when I saw you, my heart is sick but can also suddenly turn into happy and spirit

This feelings are very complicated to be explained

I want to quit from all of this

I don’t want to being your vitaMIN anymore..

but I Can’t…

it seems I still need you, at least for now…


Can you make me smile like when I first knew you?..

Do not make me feel down again with all of your behavior

I believe in you…

I believe that you are good-hearted man


forgive me if I can not understand you completely

I’m not yet  like your other vitaMIN..

yeah… it’s me.. with all the advantages and faults

Orange will always support pumpkin as vitaMIN..

Orange & Pumpkin will always be together today, tomorrow and until one day..

the final destiny of our own stories.



Your vitaMIN

^^dina Amalia^^



2 responses

  1. Niesha ...I'm a Snow Girl...

    eonn prnh ngalamin kyk die gni…
    leave him… it’s the hardest thing to do…

    March 24, 2011 at 12:07 PM

    • ne eonnie…
      tapi akupun ingin slalu berusaha utk menetralisir perasaan ini… biar jadi ga berlebihan juga.

      March 25, 2011 at 12:42 PM

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