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Sungmin Naver Blog Updates (110902-110913)

Annyeong Haseyo Pumpkiners… 🙂

This is it Sungmin naver blog updates from September 2nd 2011 until September 13 th 2011

enjoy it! by the way, semenjak Sungmin punya blog naver dan me2day, jadi sering update selca^^

Title: Tokyo Dome!!
Japan Tokyo Dome concert going on!! with my Shindong chingu… evil smile kekekeke

evil smile from me too…. kekekeke

Title: MuBank 4 weeks number 1!!
very very thankful~ Now Tokyo Dome concert is going on
I felt very happy when I heard that we had number 1 in Music Bank feeling great too~!
To fans who are supporting us always, thank you
As well as manager hyungs, hair and clothes stylists and staff who help us create handsome performances!
And also MuBank staff who took care of us, thank you very much ^^
Will do my best to become the greatest Super Junior!
The Sungmin who is in Tokyo now~!
will create happy times with handsome performances and retuen to Korea! fighting fighting!


Title: CeCi
Oh ho~~~
MinWook who are secretly talking!
“is it confirmed that as compared to Eunhyuk, you are more handsome?”
ke ke ke ke ke
KTR spy Eunhyuk!


Title: Mutizen Song!!!!!
Thank you! ^^
Fans who gave us so much love..
feel sorry and regretful for not being able to be there
but honoured as well~
will become the Super Junior who are hardworking, showing the best stage and bringing more touching moments and happiness!
Now I am preparing for the concert in Tokyo Dome ^^ will end the performance on a good note and be back!
as well as to the inkigayo staff who created beautiful stages for us!
Thank you~


Title: The craze of the last day



Japan Tokyo Dome concert…
many people filled up the stadium for 3 days very touched..!!
I am really happy as well have thought of being more and more hardworking..!!
The next time we come to Japan again
It will be Super Show 4 in Osaka Kyocera Dome!!
will prepare a lot before coming..!

Title: Changmin!!
Is this 2min?
But Changmin’s height is too tall PASS!
But nonetheless this kid does bobo* on stage ke ke ke

*bobo meaning kiss on the cheek.

Title: In Tokyo!
Before the concert!^^
when I was neat and clean!! ke ke ke ke

Title: Handphones Terminators*!!
Opening our handphones once we got down the plane at Gimpo Airport
Super Junior who are telling our family and friends that we have enter the country!!
At this extend we should do a handphone advertisement.. ke

*Terminators=in here meaning someone who does a particular thing to an extend that no one can surpass him.

Title: Extracted my tooth!!!!!!!!!
That tooth which is painful… finally extracted it!!!!!
Our Ryu Hong Ryeol* director is the best..
Actually today I am not free to receive treatments ㅠ ㅠ thanks so much…
Although it’s painful, but it is great~~~~~satisfaction!!!

*Ryu Hong Ryeol is a renown denitst.


*Title: Sen Hello
Greetings after a long time, I am Sen!!!!!
I am playing catching~ *^^*
Nowadays Appa is always going overseas for work, I am lonely

*Ming is imitating Sen XD

*Title: Sen Deathly Side lines
Side face contours which are similar to Appa…
Although in actual fact I am a better..
Appa is the careful blood A type!

*Ming is still imitating Sen OTL


Title: Kim D Hyaku who hasn’t been seen for a long time

Our Hyaku is in the house of neighbour noona!
nickname is “Kim D”-nim
don’t know if it dislike calling it’s real name
No matter what our Kim D-nim is being raised now!!
It is growing very prettily!
what a relief~~~ ㅠㅅㅠ
This is the news of Hyaku who is living a happy life~~^^

Title: Sen Little Sleeping Bundle Sen

(imitating Sen again)

Ah~ The basket is too narrow!!!
Even though it’s like this I still like it here~~~!
Ah my basket~~~!!!
I have to sleep here while the cat climbing frame is being sent for repair!!
This is mine!!

(back to being Sungmin)

Rioting with the basket like this to demand me to order a new cat climbing frame..

*note: words italic are not written by Sungmin, it is added in to show what he meant while wirting the post.

Title: I have to buy it!!!
Super big speakers!!!
if there is such speakers at home…. ㅠ ㅠ
in the future… I must have one set in my home”’
If that is the case I will have to buy a big house… ke ke ke
High quality sound… it is called vacuum tube speakers?..
This is the first time I have heard such quality sound.. ke ke
It will be daebak to watch movies with this! ke ke

Title: Happy Chuseok~

Must be happy when it is Chuseok.. ^^
Because of the rain I am feeling a bit down..
But with food and people whom I like I will pass my time happily~~^^

A smile that looks awkward hahahaha
Because it is raining….

Title: 5 weeks Number 1
Very thankful.. Although I can’t be sure if it will happen..
But I will be the most hardworking Sungmin


Title: Fashion Terrorist

Thanks to Eunhyuk I got the title of Fashion Terrorist!!! keke
e hahahahahahaha.. ke ke
I won’t live like this for real right…? ke
But…. I admit I am like this when I am exercising* … sorry.. ke

*what he meant is Eunhyuk talking about him on a show wearing tight clothes & long socks when exercising.

Title: I am Sungmin! ke
I found a interesting app so I did it! keke
There is spoon ghost…
I like the picture of me wearing gold rings the most! kekeke
I must return the that way I look on the right~~
so diffcult~~ kekeke

Korean to Chinese Translation: sungming bar & 4inmin
Chinese to English Translation: yourblacksmile @ perMINent.net

Repost here by : ^^Orange Pumpkin Girl^^ (www.orangepumpkingirl.wordpress.com)

Please take out with full credit


8 responses

  1. Eternal Snow

    ntah kenapa seneng bgt bs liat umin bnyk update gni… xD
    aigooo, eonn bs nemuin kesamaan die n umin disanaaaaaaa~ xDDDDDD
    yaitu pas dia update foto2 sen, dia kan pura2 jd sen, aahhh… APPA bergolongan darah A yang baik!!! kekekekeke…
    anak die n umin nti sen donk?? *slapped by die* huakakakakka* xD
    becanda die, kesenengan ini baca updatenya umin… xD

    lanjutkan die update Me2Day nya umin yaaa~ syalalalalalalalala~ *kesenengan*
    coba kibum begitu…. =,=’

    September 14, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    • KYAAAAAA~~ KYAAAAAA~ KYAAAAAAA~ *Wookie Oppa mode : on* :3 aku juga seneng eon, aku jadi bisa tahu apa yang labumin rasakan, apa yang labumin lakukan walopun kita berjauhan.. terpisah jarak berkilo-kilometer… Whaaaooooww, kesamaan apakah?… Die ndak mudeng eon -,- Mworago?.. O.O Sen called Haneul Eomma & Called Sungmin Appa,, kkk XDD Ki bum walo punya twitter tapi jarang ngetwit yaa eon, /tepok-tepok eonnie, yang sabar yaaah… setidaknya masih ada yang bisa Eonnie mention khan.. 😀

      September 15, 2011 at 11:29 AM

      • Eternal Snow

        wkwkwk… lupa nulis kesamaannya…
        aigooo, pas bca ini bnr2 seneng jdx bgtu… wkwkwk

        die sama umin itu sama2 keibuan dan kebapakan (?)
        mksudnya, kyk die suka di panggil bunda dan umin nganggep sen anaknya ==’ dan manggil umin appa… welehhh2… sama2 penyayang anak nih… ahahahahaha*plak

        September 16, 2011 at 4:59 PM

      • Eonnie bener-bener ngebuat aku blushing >////< kalo Eonnie ga bilang kek begitu, sampe kapanpun die ga akan nyadar kalo die & labumin sama-sama penyayang anak, aiiihhhh.. *tutup muka, malu*

        September 18, 2011 at 8:53 AM

  2. Eternal Snow

    eh salah yaaa… ini blognya… ahahahaha…
    Me2Day beda lagi… wkwkwkwk… *dudulz krn saking seneng* xD

    September 14, 2011 at 4:38 PM

    • ‎‎‎‎‎ нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘нªª˘°˘ Eonnie niy… >////<
      kesamaan me2day & blog naver adalah sama-sama berHANGEUL yang ngebuat niy mata yang bacanya puyeng X_X kkkk

      September 15, 2011 at 11:32 AM

      • Eternal Snow

        huakakakaka… bener bgt die… puyeng cm bs liat kotak bulat dan garis yang terangkai… huakakakakkaka…

        September 16, 2011 at 5:01 PM

      • sepertinya die harus mulai belajar hangeul niy eon, secara itu labumin khan sekarang udah semakin sering beredar (?) di me2day sama blog naver, hwhwhwhw XDD biar bisa ngerti apa yang dia tulis tanpa harus pake gugel translate,, XDD

        September 18, 2011 at 8:55 AM

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