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Title: Waiting room’s fridge!

have stuck it on the waiting room’s fridge.. hahaha
2 live performances is very tiring
thank you to those who cheered me on~
I will work hard for the rest of the performances
and our 5th album is tomorrow.. haha fighting~~~^^

Title: On the day of press conference!

The press conference ended successfully ^^
with Shindong~


Title: hehe thanks~

delicious food!!!! yaho~!!!


Title: Ah.. so sleepy~

Yeaterday’s nervous first broadcast ended
now I am going to music core..!
I should be used to it by now!
but I don’t know why I am still nervous haha
Our title song Mr Simple was pre-recorded
sweat sweat… ahahaha as compared to performing musical I sweated even more..
keke looked at the recorded video, everyone was very nervous
how do I say about the expressions.. expecially me
hahahaha personally memorable so hilarious keke
Among this, looking at Ryeowook smiling miracle smile I wanted to say “oh my”..
ayeye~ what..
Because it is the first broadcast, there are many performances left~
There must be times when my performance goes up then down too heung!
look forward to today’s music core!

Title: wa huhuhuhuhu~~~~!!!

Today I will stay alert and work hard!! AZA~~~~
I heard that yesterday it is a pity many people can’t get in
if only not many people met with this situation today…

Title: Superman~~~~!

Jae won hyung’s V..

Title: The day of first broadcast!

With Donghae at MuBank..!


Title: Dawn!

Now at Mokdong Inkigayo..
We came at 6am to do preparations, now Mr Simple’s recording has ended~
But I was surprised by those who came earlier than us.. aigoo thank you~ ^^
Being with us for all 3 times of the first broadcast really gave us energy!
The darlings who have always been with SuJu I love you all~


Title: 5th album’s publicity ambassador!

haha using SuJu’s 5th album as gifts.. ke
I got the compliment “handsome” haha

But the CD are all sold out
I have no way to give to other people

It is our own CD but it is even more difficult for me to get it
tomorrow I need to buy it, where can I buy it~

Title: Jack the ripper! Three musketeers?

Can even be called three musketeers.. kekekekeke

Just minus me and add Kyu Artagnan, it will be Three Musketeers!
I have performed with amazing people~ haha
thank you ^^
don’t be afraid and persevere today as well fighting!!!^^


Title: Music Core! During broadcast!

Just now ended recording early ans having a short break time~
have not use this photography app even once after downloading it
took a picture once to see how it looks!
Although my hair is messy and I am sweating
but it is okay to show my natural look once in a while right? haha

p.s I used this~

Title: Guests from Spain

The beautiful fans who came form Spain to watch the musical.. thank you~ I don’t know if you know korean ^^
If (I) ever go to Spain next time, will show a good performance~


Title: The truth..

Although I am not happy to explain (?)..
But.. it is not true that Polly noona sat on my knee!

I sat on a chair and Polly noona squatted next to me..
haha… people eyes only see what they want to see…

Title: Friend!

Recently there are many interesting and fun app.. ha

Title: Small cutie Shindong!

Resting amidst schedule and came out to eat with Shindong!
Here is Ashley which I like very much~~ ^^ ha
I came to eat salad but only ended up eating a little
kekekeke we came to diet together
Shindong really only ate salad.. amazing~
look at Shindong’s cute expression, who only drank americano as dessert~~~~~

Title: Ah… it’s ramen…

Ah… once on a diet there will be delicious food all around me…

when can I eat it again..


Title: Ah… it’s unagi…

Ah.. my love unagi….
Lose fats quickly I will go eat again!!!!!


Title: Sungmin bus!

Sungmin bus hahahahaha
shall I do a bus business? kekeke


Title: Now it is MCD!^^

wore sunglasses!!! hahahaha
ah~ so hungry..

Title: Another..

Shindong’s sunglasses!! keke
But it can show my arm~ haha
funny~ kekeke


Title: Our Champion family!

Danced at our Champion Family
ah~ luckily… I learnt before hand~

hyung! thankful all along~ haha
hyung~ but it is too backward…
the feeling… kekekeke
Anticipate me turning into Dancing Min~ hahaha


Title: Handel and Gretel..

First time going to play at Handel and Gretel
Americano~ like like like~

(note: this is from the song “Americano” by 10cm, a singer who Sungmin likes)

But I don’t like this photo…
stomach seems to be protruding…
That is clothes!

Title: Sungmin starcraft!

Got attracted because of Shindong’s temptation
use Dong’s computer to play Starcraft for a while
ah headache~ keke as expected I am incapable at games~
but i still receive consolation of playing well at the first time kekekekeke

Title: Sway with Dong geuri!

We are!!!! S.E.S!!!

Title: Real Sungmin bus!

First time seeing it!!!!!!
Super Junior 5th album Sungmin bus!!!!
So amazing~~~~~~


Title: What to do with my eyes…?

My eyes….. =.-;;;;;


Title: Overcome!

Eye sore!
Although it is still swollen now but I ate medicine well
seems like it will be fine!

Title: Someone like a fox!!

Someone like a fox!
Why it is said like this I think I understand..

Title: Kami No Shizuku!

Kami No Shizuku’s author Shin Kibayashi’s autograph!
Because I am interested about red wine and knew author through an acquaintance hence I got the autograph!
hehe thanks a lot~
Teacher can you teach me while we drink wine next time? hahahaha

Korean to Chinese translation: sungmin bar & 4inmin
Chinese to English translation: yourblacksmile @ perMINent.net

Repost here by : ^^Orange Pumpkin Girl^^ (www.orangepumpkingirl.wordpress.com)
Please take out with full credits.



3 responses

  1. Eternal Snow

    setiap baca update naver blognya Sungmin oppa, rasanya seneng bgt…
    ntah knp rasanya jd bs knal oppa lbih dkt, soalx oppa trs2n update… aihhh… so precious… hal2 yg plg dinantikan olh seorang fans… kabar dr sang idola sndiri… xD
    saranghaeyoooooo~ *dibekep die*wkwkwk

    September 23, 2011 at 3:07 PM

  2. muwahahahaha fit yang cute jd kagak bs ngomong pa2 nie mah,
    makin cinta bnrn nie saya low kyk bgn #plakk
    umin tuh pendiem yah onn g banyak bcr *sok tau*
    pi low update blognya bgn berasa dianya ceret abies hahahaha

    September 28, 2011 at 8:37 PM

    • Hu um fit, Lee Chunhwa Aboji aja bilang kalo uri Sungminnie really quite….
      seperti yang eon bilang,,, sungmin ada bakat buat jadi author… 😉

      October 6, 2011 at 8:14 AM

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