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Sungmin naver blog updates (110923)

Title: Full of blossoms

Went to watch ‘Full of blossoms’ with 2AM’s Changmin..
Because it is a play performed by a friend and the reviews said that it is interesting, so I have been wanting to watch it very much..
A period of 2 hours, a amazing play..
As expected watching this kind of play I feel like performing together as well..! It’s great
play is very interesting
the details are very artistic..
the usage of the stage is well done too..
Because of watching it in my university’s lecture hall, there is a new feel to it haha
the play is very happy~
(note: the chinese translation is written in this way and it sounds weird, i think they might have missed out something)
in the future, I hope to stand together on stage as well..

Title: Out-of-stock man….

Finally I!!!!!
became out-of-stock man!!!..
everyone congratulate me~~ ^_^
will congratulate me wholeheartedly right???^^

can’t find the album with my picture on it anywhere!! went to the store but it’s all sold out ㅠ ㅠ
wanted to collect one…. ㅠ ㅠ
ah….. kekekekekeke

Korean to Chinese translation: sungmin bar & 4inmin
Chinese to English translation: yourblacksmile @ perMINent.net
Posted here by : ^^Orange Pumpkin Girl^^ (www.orangepumpkingirl.wordpress.com)
Please take out with full credits.


One response

  1. muwahahahaha picnya begitu amat yah^^
    *silau ma men*
    yank SEMANGAT YAH q dukung u la la la la la
    fit cute tuh g bgt bs b.ing yah *nangs* pi ngertilah dikit2 *manyu abies*
    jadi garing pan yah onn (-____-“”)<<< au ah gelap
    SARANGHAEEE buat sma^^

    September 28, 2011 at 8:30 PM

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