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Happy Birthday My Fiction Hubby ♥





To : Sungmin’s father (Lee Chunhwa Abonim)


Thank you for caring, raising, loving and educate a boy who was so great. A child who is full of talent and flair. A child who is loved by many people. Thanks for being a great father figure for Lee Sungmin (^-^)

To : Sungmin’s mother (Kang Kyeong Suk Eomoni)


Mother, we are loving you. Your voice is so warm and soft. You’re a really nice person. You doing charity work too and has been awarded a citizen medal for it. You’re like an angel, We (Everlasting Friends) try to do better to make-not only proud for SJ oppas but their parents as well.

Sungmin Oppa is always sparkling everlast until today and he will always shinning like a star and wont fade away from the elf’s eyes.
This is how Sungmin oppa have such a beautiful voice and cute face. Thanks Sungmin’s mother & Sungmin’s father with beautiful voices. Thanks God, Sungminnie Oppa has a nice father & mother ^ ^
Sungminie Oppa is a good son, right Eomoni? ^^~
You’re a lovely mother. Hope we can be like you one day  ^^

To : Lee Sungjin


Hi Mr.Dimple, Lee Sungmin’s younger brother .. ^ ^

Lee Sungjin, we love you as we love your brother. Thank you for always replying mention in twitter, in the midst of your activity and schedule, you try to reply us. You’re really friendly and nice.

To : Lee Sungmin


Saengil Chukhahamnida^^

May you have many many more birthdays to come! May you always be happy as you continue to live. Thank you for making us (Everlasting Friends) happy with your own cuteness, talent, skills, humor, sillyness and almost everything you have. May you also continue loving pink :p

Sungmin 65

Do not forget, everyone is here for you. Your family, fans, friends,  and lastly the whole super junior. May you have more and more and more projects to come. Dramas, Musicals, Movies would be great! Always take care! Do not forget to smile (^_^) Take proper foods. Avoid sickness. Stay WHO and what you are. It Such a pleasure and honor to know and love someone like you. Good luck with your everyday life and also LOVElife.

Sungmin Oppa , our little Minnie really grown from very aegyo prince,  now he’s a very handsome man. We so proud of you ^ ^ ~ ~ tears of joy growing up, from cute little steps now making everyone impress you with what you have! Lee Sungmin Oppa , we are all proud of u ❤

Sungmin Oppa, maybe we Are separated by thousand kilometers of ocean, but let be honest  that we love you and will always support you.

Maybe …
We feel not know you well
but We Will try to know you better
that’s our promise …

Happy Birthday to my fiction hubby ♥


Tetaplah setia menjadi tokoh utama disetiap cerita yang aku tulis ^^ Doa untukmu sudah aku titip pada para malaikat untuk disampaikan pada Sang Pemilik Kehidupan ^^

Tahun 2013 ini semoga aku bisa menatap langit Seoul secara langsung! 😀  and wish next year i can say “Happy Birthday To You”  directly ^^

Lots of love from your fiction wife xD

@ittibanwife (Jung Haneul) Dina Amalia


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