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Now..I know what @myblacksmile means..

^^dierenz is here^^

sebelumnya mau tarik nafas dulu… *sigh* dan mau ngucapin terimakasih sebanyak-banyaknya buat nae saranghaneun Eonnie Niesha…

karna… dari beliaulah die dapet video ini..

sebagai salah satu  vitaMINnya Mr.Pumpkin,, sepertinya die sangat amat telat mengetahui tentang video ini..

video apakah itu?…

Let’s cekidot…

if you’re just new to super junior,, there will always be members who will get your attention…

other may notice the good loking ones

and as you watch their shows, the talkative, witty and funny members will surely stand out

for a few months some might be focusing on the members they often  see on screen.


as time goes by

you’ll suddenly realize that you don’t know much about the other members

at first, sungmin looks like just an ordinary guy we didnt paid attention to…

maybe because he doesnt talk much aside from the usual super junior introduction…

you’ll always see him at the side or at the back, not because he was positioned that way because he voluntarily choose to stay behind..

he is a contented or most probably comfortable just being in the background

there are also members who are quiet like kibum, kyuhyun, ryeowook, but you’ll don’t notice it much because ki bum is a popular actor and KRY are always recognized as the groups lead vocals.

sungmin is one of the 4 lead vocalist and 5 lead dancers of the group  and that is a fact it was in SJ’s profile.

he is a member who contributes a lot in super junior

but why does it seems like he’s an invisible member?…

he have so much talent that needed to be shown.

his talents are endless to the point that  you’ll just shrug and expects that the next time he shows up he will surely have something new to WOW us…

and the familiar comments are visible again…

“sungmin’s long list of talents!”

“Oppa is so talented”

“what he can’t do?”

“I’m sure he’s not human”

he really is a verry hardworking guy who have  the passion to learn new things…

In SJ, he is known as the cute guy or “aegyo king”

although he frequently  does aegyo to his hyungs on camera, he actually  does not do aegyo so much in a real life.. It’s the role he has to play in group…

most people say “he is soft and delicate”

you can be manly in not just being brusque and tough looking.. but in many other ways…

he may look soft.. but, we don’t really see him as that

actually he probably has the strongest personality out of the members…

actually, no matter what problem SJ meets, sungmin is the most calm.

he will always stay by his hyungs/dongsaengs side quietly trying to console them…

seeing the already crying members, sungmin always stood by their side comforting them..

when people are sad, the generous sungmin will comfort them by smiling..

when he’s sand and feels like crying.. he’ll use a smile to hide his feelings or hide backstage and cry by himself…

he does not reveal his weak side, he just sits and keeps it all to himself

or have a man to man talk with his bestfriend.. shindong…

a man of few words indeed..

in SJ, donghae and Sungmin are usually picked who have the most beautiful eyes.

if donghae’s eyes are full or emotions.. sungmin’s eyes gives a different feeling..

“sungmin’s eyes seems to have magical powers” heechul

“when i look into his eyes,  I was drawn away”
SNSD Sooyoung

sungmin is kind hearted by nature…

we may not see him often, but on those few times don’t we always see him taking good care of other people?…

he treats girls nicely and even protects them

he is sweet and caring with girls that it is hard to tell, if he have special feelings with one of them..

whether he does it to impress the girls or he’s just being nice..

no one really knows but one thing is for sure..

he’s such a real gentleman and a verry good oppa..

“he helped me the most when I came to korea

I have no one to talk to and he approaches me ”
-SNSD Tifanny-

you may like the color pink …

but as they say..

real man wears pink..

you may not be good at talking and varieties..

“it’s not that I don’t have any stories to tell, i just dont want to hurt otther feelings”


but you still manage to cover it with your talents…

you may not be perfect

but we love for being humble and down to earth

your warm smile is enough to make us happy

sungmin may not be the most recognizable member at first..

but.. once you started getting to know him..

bit by bit…

you will find yourself

falling in his charms

thankyou for being super junior..



setelah liat video itu —- >TT_____TT mewek,, banjir airmata,, nangis…

this vid was really describe what i’m feeling…

the vid says is absolutely true!!

I was crying while watching.

Precious to the one who created this video . I’m speechless . The only thing i can do is crying .  

now… I know what @myblacksmile means…

not without a reason he’s using MYBLACKSMILE? as his acc name..

My strong Minkuuu..

Listen to me..

u need to lean to the others too.. 

just show off your feeling, dont force to always smile..

its sad, seeing you always smile, when I knows that you’re not 😥

Minkuuu always complains himself that he’s just the middle range of all talent and also in group, but i I think he’s the most eager one.

Minkuuu… maybe we are separated by thousand kilometers of ocean,

but let me be honest that i love u and i’ll always support u.


I feel not know you well

but I’ll try to know you better

that’s my promise… 🙂

talented+humble+kind+care+cute­+handsome+loyal+strong=LEE SUNGMIN


16 responses

  1. rosiyani 'oci'

    yaaa kaka,masaaku ga bs play video itu.. hhu…
    mau liat 😦

    March 19, 2011 at 11:29 PM

    • nontonnya di Youtubenya langsung ci…
      bisa koq.. 🙂
      klik yang bagian bawah kanan “watch youtube”

      March 20, 2011 at 10:24 PM

  2. Niesha ...I'm a Snow Girl...

    nangis lagiii brg die… TT____TT

    haish… umin itu… argghhh! eonn g bs ngungkapin gmn umin itu sbnrx… dibandingkan kibum… umin itu lebih misterius…

    umin itu terlalu sempurna… dengan bakatnya, sikapnya, suaranya, wajahnya… tp dy menutupi perasaanx dgn kesempurnaannya itu… jadi prhatian org2 teralihkn oleh kesempurnaan sungmin… sdang perasaan yg sbnrx dy pendam…

    seperti kt umin…

    “it’s not that I don’t have any stories to tell, i just dont want to hurt otther feelings”

    itu ngena bangetttt… TT____TT
    umin boleh brpndpt bgtu… tp jgn trs2n mnumpuk rasa sakit itu sendirian… kau punya hak untuk menceritakannya… menyimpan rasa sakit di HATI sendirian… tidak akan membuat kita lebih baik…

    oppa… be open minded please… we wont be hurt if you tell us some stories of you…

    March 20, 2011 at 11:34 AM

    • Kita nangis berjamaah eon TT____TT

      betul kata eonnie.. bahkan,, sampai saat inipun die belum begitu mengenal sosok seorang Lee Sungmin dengan baik. Apa yang ia tampilkan di depan publik itu tidak sama dengan dirinya di kehidupan sehari-hari.

      Kadang sempat terbersit suatu pemikiran dan pertanyaan “pantaskah aku menjadi istrinya Lee Sungmin?”/plaaaakkk *mulai ngayal* makanya die hanya bisa menjadikan diri ini sebagai salah satu vitaMINnya Lee Sungmin,, No moreeeee…

      die hanya berharap,, Minkuuu punya seseorang yang ia percayai untuk mendengarkan keluh kesahnya,, menyimak ceritanya dan tak lupa memberikan support dan semangat untuknya… 🙂

      andaiiii Minkuuu tau bahwa disini.. ada seseorang yang bisa melakukan hal itu… Arrrrghhhh *mulai ngayal lagiii*

      March 20, 2011 at 10:32 PM

      • Niesha ...I'm a Snow Girl...

        iyaa… umin emg bgtu… gak memperlihatkan jati diri yg sbnrx kalo d dpn kamera… XD
        smuax itu hanya sebuah peran…

        pantas die… umin pasti seneng klo smakin bnyk yg mndukungnya… aplg yg sprti die… ^^

        tenang ajj, pasti pnya… klo dr video itu, tmn ceritanya shindong oppa… mdh2n emg bgtu… XD

        aio kt buktikan, klo kt ini bkn sekedar fans, kt keluarga… kt bernagi meski hal sesulit apapun…

        March 21, 2011 at 5:36 AM

      • iya eonnie…
        semakin hari aku jadi semakin sayang sama Minkuuu.. *mulai gombal* kekeke.. 🙂

        semakin kenal Minkuuu,, semakin menambah keinginantahuanku akan sosok seorang Lee sungmin.. *penasaran tingkat akut*

        iyaaap… karna ELF adalah keluarganya Super Junior.. 😀

        March 24, 2011 at 2:11 AM

  3. rosiyani 'oci'

    woaaaa pgn liat videonya kak die , hhu.. dari kata2nya mang dah sedih tapi pgn kena lg gt daari liat videonya.. minta linknya deh kak tar aku donlot.. hhu 😦

    March 20, 2011 at 11:55 AM

  4. rosiyani

    woaaaa bener aja kak… itu yg buat videonya siapa sih ??? sedihhh+backsoundnya jg gt.. hhu 😦
    huaaaa sungmin itu misterius gt. tapi yg aku suka dari sungmin oppa itu perhatiannya ke ank suju lain.. pas bgt nih aku td mlm br nonton adions camp *dah nonton blm kak die ?? kalo blm wajib nonton. nah disitu sungmin mang ga byk ngomong orangnya nurut2 aja gt ma anak suju lain yerutama teukie hhe.. pgn nglawan tapi kalah mulu.. hhu 😦
    dia nurut aja gt… ya aku jg blm kenal bgt sungmin sih.. tapi dari penglihatanku mang sungmin itu kalem gt trus nerimoooo aja, lucuuuu imut2 gt.. hhi.. 😀

    ahhhh aku jadi tambah suka suju jadi sekarang semua member suju suka , hhe.. mereka tuh kalo dah bareng2 care bgt satu sama lain.. i love suju :*

    March 21, 2011 at 12:06 AM

    • yang buat videonya itu salah satu vitaMINnya Sungmin.. sama sepertiku.. 🙂

      aku juga udah nonton adonis camp ciii.. disitu keliatan banget kalo Minkuuu orangnya rapiii.. detail.. hampir perfectionist malah.. tapi,, bisa juga jadi leader walopun lebih sering dimanfaatin sama hyung-hyungnya,, kekeke.. 😉

      iyaaap.. aku juga baru sadar akhir-akhir ni kalo Minkuuu itu sebenernya adalah orang yang misterius. susah ditebak.. apakah dia benar-benar lagi bahagia atau sedih?..karna itu semua tertutupi oleh seulas senyumannya..

      aku juga sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa semua member SJ. sayang sama smuaaaaaaaaa Oppadeul… 😀

      March 24, 2011 at 2:16 AM

  5. Viqa_BumsSoeulindo

    huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jadi ikutan nangis padahal belum liat videonya, , q trsentuh ma kata2 yang coment di atas,, huhuhhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuuhu

    uminnnn oppaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!1

    fightingggg ?????????


    March 21, 2011 at 6:23 AM

  6. rosiyani 'oci'

    udahhh liat kak. akhirnya…
    hhu,uminnnn so sweet ternyata orangnya… hhu 😦
    misterius tapi care bgt ma tmen yg lain…
    dia mang ga byk omong orangnya cukup memperhatikan… pa lagi pas nonton adion camp itu uminnnnmah nerima aja disuruh apa aja gt.. mu ngelawan jg ga bs.. hhi…
    kalo disetiap liat mv suju jg uminnn mah keliatannya beda sendiri gt auranya ga tau knp..pertama tau suju suka ketuker umiin ma raeywook tuhhh..haha.. tapi lama2 beda jg…
    hhu , divideo ini mang sedihhh ditambah itu backsoundnya jg sedihhh, hhu 😦

    March 21, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    • sama cii.. dulu awal kenal Suju juga aku pikir Minkuuu sama wookie kembar. Abisnya mirip trus mereka kalo nyanyi juga deket2an. Pas udah lama kenal,, barulah keliatan bedanya,, hehehe..

      Minkuuu memang punya aura tersendiri.. sebenernya tiap member juga punya auranya masing2. tapi auranya Minkuuu yang berhasil membuatku Falling in love with him *tsaaaah*;)

      March 24, 2011 at 2:20 AM

  7. kyaaaa..!!!!
    aku tau, kamu begini sifatnya
    selalu ingin buat org disekitar bahagia dn tersnyum
    disaat yg lain menumpahkn emosi mereka dngn menangis ataupun marah dn lainnya, tapi kamu tidak
    kamu menutupinya untuk dirimu sendiri, tnpa ada yg tau kalau hatimu itu sakit T.T
    oppa, jangan sembunyikan itu dari kami
    walaupun oppa melakukan hal sama dngn member lain ktika dpt masalah, kami akan tetap mencintaimu
    itu memberi tau kami, jika kamu sdg sedih dn kami mau membuatmu tersnyum kembali
    bukan kami yg slalu tersnyum olehmu
    kami mencintaimu, oppa..!!

    i love you my brother, Lee Sungmin ^^

    March 25, 2011 at 3:27 AM

    • Haiii Anies sayaaang.. 🙂
      Gomawooo udah mampir kerumahku & pumpkin,, hehehe..

      yaaah.. seperti yang kita tahu,, begitulah seorang Lee Sungmin. Punya cara tersendiri untuk mengelola emosinya.

      Love you too anies.. *mewakili Umin* kekeke.. 😉

      March 25, 2011 at 7:13 AM

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